Electric Beach Cruisers (eBike)

Explore the park on an electric beach cruiser! These bikes are not only comfortable and stylish, but are also extremely easy to operate! Texas Camp Company has two models to choose from.

To protect the delicate habitat of the park, ebikes may only be operated on paved park roads designated for bikes or bike trails. Riding ebikes on the beach, through wetlands, in saltwater, or through dunes is prohibited.

Riders must be at least 18 with a valid drivers license to rent & at least 16 years of age to operate.

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For those looking for a classic experience, rent one of our Huffy beach cruisers! We have bikes for all ages and abilities, including kids' bikes, adult tricycles, and recumbent bikes! 

Rentals are available hourly – weekly.

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  • $40, Hourly 
  • $85, 1/2 Day (4hr)
  • $105, Day (8hr)
  • $135, 2 Days
  • $150, 3 Days
  • $300, Weekly 
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  • $20, Hourly 
  • $30, Half Day 
  • $50, Day 
  • $60, 24hr
  • $85 2 Days
  • $120, 3 Days
  • $180, Weekly
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